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FoxyProxy Extension – What Is It and Why Is It Needed

Anonymity on the internet nowadays often becomes a matter not only of some conspiracy or even security but frequently for the mere purpose of accessing a perfectly legal internet resource or using an application, one has to bypass various restrictions.

In most cases, bypassing such barriers is quite easy. You can use any of the numerous proxy server addresses for this purpose. There are hundreds and even thousands of them on the internet, and with minimal effort, information about them can be found. However, such a manual approach entails obvious inconveniences.

It is even more convenient to do this not with an entirely separate application that needs to be installed on the computer but with a browser extension. There are solutions like that, for example, the popular FoxyProxy extension.

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FoxyProxy is a browser extension designed to manage proxy servers and VPN connections, ensuring anonymity and geographical freedom when using the internet. The extension is cross-platform and available for various browsers.

It is much more sensible and rational to use ready-made programs that automate the connection, bypassing blocks and providing additional useful tools.
To be precise, the development studio offers two software solutions— one for working with proxies and another for VPN. These are separate extensions, each with its own features.

One notable advantage of FoxyProxy is its rare cross-platform support. For example, the proxy version supports seven browsers, including Vivaldi and even the outdated Internet Explorer. The VPN version is even more flexible, with installation instructions provided for 12 platforms, including SmartTV systems, Wi-Fi routers, and more.

Such restrictions can be imposed even at the state level—internet service providers block access to "undesirable" sites and applications. However, resources themselves may also block access from certain countries.

Brief Overview of FoxyProxy's Main Features:

  • Proxy Server Management: FoxyProxy's key function allows users to manage a list of proxy servers and quickly switch between them.
  • Conditional Switching: This feature enables users to set conditions for automatic switching between proxy servers.
  • Encryption and Security: FoxyProxy supports traffic encryption, providing an additional level of security when using open or unreliable Wi-Fi networks.
  • Geographic Block Bypass: FoxyProxy allows bypassing geographical restrictions by providing the option to choose proxy servers from different countries.
  • Profile Management: Users can create various profiles with different proxy settings, facilitating switching between different configurations based on their needs.

Mobile Proxies for FoxyProxy: Why Mobile Proxies Are Better Than Regular Proxies

Finally, it is worth clarifying another important point related to proxies as a means of bypassing blocks. As proxy services have been actively used not only by experienced IT specialists but also by a wide range of users, it has negatively impacted the effectiveness of this method.

The issue is that the most popular proxies, especially free ones, have long been well-known to everyone. Of course, they are also known to online services that impose restrictions. Therefore, more often, when using popular proxies or VPNs, users encounter their ineffectiveness. This is because websites or services perceive access from such addresses as an attempt to circumvent restrictions and, at the very least, automatically prompt to enter a captcha, often blocking access altogether.

The most reliable solution to this situation is to use mobile proxies rather than server-based proxies. The principle of operation is the same, but the difference lies in the fact that the provider of such a service uses a pool of addresses from mobile operators, and from different countries. This fundamentally changes everything because the number of mobile internet users for each major operator is in the millions, and no online service will block such vast address ranges. Access from such an address, in most cases, will not even be considered suspicious, as mobile traffic in total even exceeds the traffic from stationary computers.

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