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What is ChatGPT and Its Capabilities

ChatGPT is a language model based on artificial intelligence that amazed the world in 2022 with its ability to engage in conversations on various topics with an astonishing natural language effect. However, the ability to sustain a conversation is far from the only, and not even the main, advantage of this rapidly evolving service. Let's delve into the details of the capabilities of ChatGPT as of mid-2023, explore its limitations, anticipate what to expect from this and similar AI-based projects, and understand the role of mobile proxies in all of this.

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ChatGPT entered the open beta testing phase at a stage in its development when it was based on the GPT-3.5 model. This, in turn, was trained on a vast amount of text from the internet. The "lively conversationalist" effect from ChatGPT is evident in its ability to answer questions in different styles and manners, admit mistakes, challenge incorrect statements, and even refuse to respond to inappropriate requests in many senses.

ChatGPT was created by OpenAI to explore the possibilities and limitations of language generative models. It uses a dialogue format, allowing it to adapt to the context and interests of the interlocutor. ChatGPT can generate various types of text, such as articles, reviews, press releases, resumes, and even computer code in different programming languages.

ChatGPT is not just a chatbot but a powerful tool for work and creativity using artificial intelligence. The tool can be used for various purposes, such as:

  • Learning and developing communication skills in foreign languages;
  • Getting information and advice on various topics related to work, study, hobbies, etc.;
  • Code testing and debugging - ChatGPT can ask clarifying questions and suggest solutions;
  • Generating texts based on given keywords with an arbitrary number of conditions expressed in free form.

Ultimately, at this stage of ChatGPT's development, it allows a wide range of users to derive both practical benefits and organize original and entertaining leisure.

Where You Can Use ChatGPT and Limitations of ChatGPT-3.5 and ChatGPT-4.0 (including countries where it is available)

Despite all the advantages, it is essential to remember that ChatGPT is still evolving and has a set of limitations that also change periodically. In addition, its capabilities are limited, and when using it, you should consider the following important points.

ChatGPT sometimes writes plausible but incorrect or nonsensical answers. This is due to the peculiarities of the model training process and the fact that the "mutual understanding" between the user and the service depends on the correctness of the formulated request (prompt). The model is sensitive to changes in the wording of the prompt text or repeating the same request several times. For example, with one formulation of the question, the model may claim not to know the answer, and with a slight rephrasing, it may answer correctly.

ChatGPT often tends to be overly verbose and overuse specific phrases. These problems arise from preferences in training data and well-known over-optimization issues. In 2023, different versions of the service are available, built on the older 3.5 model and the newer 4.0 model. Versions differ in the volume of data they were trained on, the quality of text generation, and accessibility to users.

Version 4.0 is the most advanced system from OpenAI at the moment, but it is currently available only through a paid subscription. Version 3.5 is available for free but has lower text generation quality and may be less suitable for some topics and usage scenarios.

Due to a large influx of users, ChatGPT may limit the number of requests within a certain time frame (for free users). This also affects the speed of generating responses. Paid users have a higher speed priority than free users. There are geographical restrictions on ChatGPT - it is not available in all countries worldwide. Currently, the service is not provided to users from China, Russia, Belarus, Afghanistan, Venezuela, and Iran.

Why Mobile Proxies Are Needed for ChatGPT

To access ChatGPT capabilities, you need to register with the OpenAI service. It is necessary to provide real contact information, including a mobile phone number - an SMS with a confirmation code will be sent to it. Registration will be successful only if the phone number belongs to an "allowed" country. The service also conducts cross-checks, determining the user's IP address to identify attempts to bypass restrictions.

There are long-known ways to bypass restrictions. The simplest and most obvious is the use of proxies. However, stationary server proxies and VPNs are not always a convenient solution. Slow speed, unstable operation, and possible blocks are typical problems of public proxies, especially free ones. A simple and accessible solution is to use mobile proxies. These are special services that allow you to connect to the internet with different IP addresses, simulating mobile devices.

The main advantage of mobile proxies is that, for any online service, such traffic is natural, and IP address rotation occurs from a massive pool of cellular operator addresses. This way, you can quickly and effectively bypass all ChatGPT restrictions on both registration and the intensity of service usage.

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