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Many computer and wearable device users often encounter restrictions and issues accessing specific resources on the Internet and online services.

In such cases, users have to resort to time-tested means—proxy servers. However, new problems arise here that are challenging to solve without special software. And such software exists, with the nearest example being the Proxifier application and service.

The Proxifier Application—What Is It and What Is It For

Proxifier is efficient, flexible, and multifunctional software designed to redirect network traffic for computer or smartphone applications through proxy servers.

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Proxy for Proxifier: Why Mobile Proxies Are Better Than Regular Proxies

The Proxifier program has a wide range of features and characteristics that make it a convenient and effective tool for bypassing restrictions and working securely on the network:

Recall that proxy servers act as intermediaries between the user's device and the target service — a website on the Internet, a data repository, a streaming online broadcast channel, etc. They are primarily used to hide the user's real IP address, allowing the target resource to determine their location.
  • Flexible Configuration of Proxy Servers: Proxifier supports various protocols, including SOCKS (versions 4, 4a, 5), HTTPS, and HTTP. Users can add and configure proxy servers according to their own needs.
  • Proxy Rules: Proxifier allows the creation of rules for specific applications or nodes to specify which ones should use a proxy and which ones can connect directly.
  • IPv6 Support: Although IPv6 is still rare, where compatibility is needed, the program will work fine.
  • DNS through Proxy: Proxifier allows redirecting DNS requests through proxy servers, improving anonymity and preventing data leakage.
  • Traffic Statistics: The program provides detailed statistics on the traffic passing through intermediate servers, allowing users to monitor resource usage.
  • Multiplatform: As of the summer of 2023, the program is available for Windows, macOS, and a beta version has been released for Android. Versions for other operating systems are expected in the future.
Restrictions may be related to geographical blocks, government censorship, or the policies of the services themselves. In addition, users often need to mask their real location.

As for the proxies used by the Proxifier program, there are also important nuances here. They can be different in terms of technical implementation. Most often, these are stationary servers located in well-known data centers.

Their main drawback is the limited range of addresses, which quickly becomes known, after which many target online services add these address ranges to their "gray" or even "black" lists. This does not happen always and not with all services, but the risk is always there, and it is not so low.

Fortunately, there is a worthy alternative to stationary proxies. We are talking about mobile proxies. Such solutions are becoming an increasingly popular choice among users, and there are several key reasons why they are considered better compared to regular server options.

Most importantly, mobile proxies use real IP addresses of existing mobile operators. This automatically makes them almost immune to online service suspicions of unwanted activity. For example, if you need access to an online service that blocks access based on geographic location, it is enough to connect to it through a mobile proxy of a mobile operator from the "appropriate" country.

Another significant advantage of mobile proxies is that their addresses are never banned by services simply because mobile traffic never arouses suspicion. Mobile internet users at a single operator number in the millions, and addresses change dynamically.

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