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Dolphin Anty: Your Best Choice in the World of Anti-Detection Browsers

With the growing demands for anonymity and security on the Internet, anti-detection browsers have become an integral part of online activity. However, what exactly is an anti-detection browser and how do you choose the best one? In this article, we will explore Dolphin Anty - the leader in the anti-detection market and its advantages.

What is an Anti-Detection Browser?

An anti-detection browser is a specialized browser designed to ensure the anonymity and uniqueness of internet traffic. It is capable of creating an unlimited number of virtual browser profiles, with data completely isolated from each other. Each profile represents a separate device and a separate digital identity, helping to create multiple accounts for any website.

Dolphin Anty: Leader in Anti-Detection Market

Among the countless anti-detection browsers, Dolphin Anty stands out for its reliability and functionality. It creates real browser fingerprints that are not only unique but also realistic, without arousing suspicion from anti-fraud systems.

Built-in Tools of Dolphin Anty

Dolphin Anty is characterized by a range of built-in tools that make it the best choice for users:

  • 1. Convenient Interface: An intuitive and easy-to-use interface makes Dolphin Anty accessible to any user.
  • 2. Automation: Built-in automation based on templates significantly saves you time.
  • 3. Cookie Robot: A robot that farms cookie files. With their help, the website remembers information about your visits.
  • 4. Teamwork: Functionality available for teamwork.
  • 5. Synchronization: Action synchronizer - a feature that helps perform the same actions in multiple profiles simultaneously.
  • 6. Proxy Manager: Dolphin Anty has an intuitive proxy manager, supports various connection protocols, and has good compatibility for working with mobile proxies.

Proxies from Mproxy: Best Choice for Dolphin Anty

When choosing proxies for use in Dolphin Anty, it is important to consider the quality and reliability of the service. Proxies from Mproxy are known for their speed, stability, and wide selection of servers in different countries, making them an ideal option for Dolphin Anty users.


Dolphin Anty is the best choice for those seeking a reliable and effective anti-detection browser. It should be noted that the browser provides a free tariff for all users for up to 10 profiles. So, don't miss the opportunity and better go here.


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