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You can change IP without changing any access! Via backconnect - simply use API or reload link (ask support).

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Any active Internet user has faced a situation when he or she has to bypass blocked access to various sites and online services. to various websites and online services.

This problem is especially acute for those who, by virtue of their profession or simply because of their occupation, need to work with many accounts on different services, to make mass requests, etc. Ordinary proxy servers and VPNs will not help here, More sophisticated solutions are needed.

One of the most affordable and effective is mobile proxies.

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Private Kazakh mobile proxies

The most popular and common forms of mobile proxy services are shared channels and private channels.

Shared channels are used by multiple users at the same time, and each user accesses Internet services through a part of the network that shares a common IP address. Internet services through a part of the network that shares a common IP address. This type of mobile proxy is usually more affordable cost, but by definition they can be slower and may not provide adequate reliability.

Private mobile proxies are a much more reliable and faster option.

In this case, you don't share the channel with anyone else, but use the resource alone.

This is both bandwidth and the very capacity of addresses in the channel that can be used for rotation. Naturally, such a solution will cost more, but the commercial return on such an investment is easy to calculate. The real location of the user is of no fundamental importance. You can be geographically located in Kazakhstan, and you can easily buy the mobile proxy service in the required volume.

Features of mobile proxies

From the user's point of view, mobile proxies fulfil the same task as "stationary" proxies - they allow information flows through themselves and at the same time substitute the user's real IP address with addresses from their own pool. information flows through themselves and at the same time substitute the real IP address of the user with addresses from their own pool.

However, mobile proxies are different in that they work on the resources of mobile operators, using a huge number of IP addresses for transmission. requests using a huge number of IP addresses. Thanks to this, even if multiple accounts and/or automated actions are registered on one device. multiple accounts and/or automated actions on one device, search engines and social sites will not notice anything unusual about it. nothing unusual.

Who needs mobile proxies Kazakhstan

The use of mobile proxies for work tasks can be used by professionals from different fields, in one way or another related to the Internet:

  • SEO-specialists: parsing anything, collecting keywords for the semantic core, mass-posting, any other actions on the web, where you need to use mass homogeneous queries;
  • SMM specialists: almost all the same, plus multi-accounting in social networks and other features of SMM;
  • Arbitrageurs: almost all of the above, the same multi-accounting, both on its own and in combination with promotion of resources, advertising campaigns, etc.;
  • Developers: when you need to test the performance of an application or website for different geographies, social groups, etc.; developers: when you need to test the performance of an application or website across different geographies, social groups, etc;
  • Bloggers: massfollowing and massliking, as well as all of the above, if the blogger independently promotes his blogs, channels or standalone websites.

It should be noted that a mobile proxy can be useful and even necessary for a simple user. The point is that in different countries there may be problems with access to the necessary sites and services. VPN, even paid, can turn out to be useless for a simple reason - many services have long known the addresses of data-centres of popular VPN-services, or can easily be used by users. VPN-services, or can easily recognise them by indirect signs. If you have used a free VPN, you probably faced a situation when even Google treats your request with suspicion. Mobile proxy service solves this problem.

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