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Instagram is the most popular social network. Here users get acquainted, communicate, effectively promote and sell goods and offer various services. In addition, Instagram is an excellent application for sharing videos and photos. photos. With the help of Instagram, it is possible to earn good amounts of money, to achieve this, it should be understood Promotion automation programs and work through online services.

As for the popularity of Instagram, the social network is in first place in Ukraine. How to earn money, thanks to Instagram? Here you cannot do without proxies.

We will take a detailed look at all types of proxies for Instagram, give recommendations on how to choose and use them. Although the choice will remain, of course, only for you. We will also analyze the principle of functioning of automation services for promotion on Instagram and how proxies are used. in Instagram and how proxies are used.

How proxies help with your Instagram experience

Proxies are invaluable for working in Instagram. Especially the work of proxies can be appreciated by marketers. С With the help of proxy it is possible to make direct mailing to subscribers. This is especially important for marketers.

For example, a marketer takes the convenient and not at all complicated social network Instagram, which supports the this function. To start using the service, you need to add your account to the system.

This addition requires a password and login. At this point, the following will happen:

  1. The service records and encrypts the received data.
  2. Authorizes through special Instagram applications, enters the necessary data.
  3. From the social network's perspective, it looks like someone is trying to log into the account. As a result, Instagram often asks you to confirm your login and sends you a code for confirmation by text message or email.

This is due to the fact that when adding a new account, the user logs into Instagram from their IP address. It, in turn, may be in another city or even country, depending on where the server of the service is located. the physical server of the service being used.

In addition to the IP address, the social network Instagram also captures the login device. Accordingly, the greater the number of Instagram users, the more suspicious their IP address and login device looks. Moreover, accounts that use different services to log in to Insta will be blocked much more often. Therefore, to the proxies come to the rescue.

Ideally, it is best to rent an individual IP. To understand which proxies to choose, you need to to understand the types of proxies. Thus, they can be paid and free.

Free (aka public) are in the public domain. Such proxies for the social network Instagram can be found and downloaded can be found and downloaded on the Internet. Moreover, it is done freely. Free proxies are their minus more than their plus. They become outdated quickly enough, work with significant speed limits and personal data are not at all protect your personal data at all.

Paid proxies are IPv4 and IPv6. Basically, it is any IP address that is assigned to some device. IPv4 is is the basic version of the protocol for the internet. Which one of these proxies to buy depends on where you plan to to use them. Many online services for massfollowing, autoposting, and massluking only work with IPv4. Although the number of Ipv6 proxies greatly exceeds the number of Ipv4 proxies. Accordingly, IPv6 costs 2 times cheaper. Before before making a purchase, you should definitely check the software capabilities.

Private mobile proxies are a recent addition to the market. In simple terms, it's an IP address that's given to a single hands. The distinctive feature of such proxies is stability, versatility, high speed. After Instagram Instagram started a boycott with mass activity and tweaks, mobile proxies help to avoid blocking. Of course, the cost of mobile proxies is significantly higher than the usual ones, but they are definitely worth their money.

Why it is more profitable to use mobile proxies compared to regular proxies

From the above, it becomes clear that it is better to work with the main account using mobile proxies. This is due to the fact that the risk of blocking them is the lowest and is reduced to almost zero. IPv4 and IPv6 can be used IPv4 and IPv6 can be used for all accounts.

If you need proxies for Instagram, it is better to favor mobile proxies. The most important advantages of the offers are as follows:

  1. Optimal cost per private channel.
  2. A variety of operators.
  3. No limitations on work and speed with any resources.
  4. 24/7 technical support.

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