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You can change IP without changing any access! Via backconnect - simply use API or reload link (ask support).

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In the modern world, social networks have become an integral part of companies' marketing strategies. However, effective management of social media accounts requires time and resources. This is where Postmypost comes into play — an innovative service that, in combination with mobile proxies, can bring significant benefits and enhance social media management.

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What is Postmypost?

Postmypost is the first professional service for managing SMM projects using artificial intelligence. It provides a multitude of useful features, including scheduled posting of publications, a convenient calendar for creating a content plan, and a photo and video editor for designing posts.

Mobile Proxies and Their Role

Mobile proxies are a tool that allows changing IP addresses used when connecting to the Internet through mobile devices. This means that you can simulate connections to social networks from different locations, different devices, and different mobile operators.

Benefits of Integrating Postmypost and Mobile Proxies

1. Enhanced Security and Block Prevention: Using mobile proxies helps avoid blocking or restrictions imposed by social networks on accounts, especially during mass content posting. Combining Postmypost with mobile proxies adds an extra layer of anonymity and protection, ensuring safe and continuous social media management.

Scalability and Geographic Flexibility: Mobile proxies allow interacting with social networks through different geographic points. This is useful if your target audience is in different regions. With Postmypost and mobile proxies, you can create and manage accounts, adapting to local features and platform requirements.

Efficient Management of Multiple Accounts: If you have multiple accounts on different social networks, the interaction of Postmypost with mobile proxies facilitates their management. You can work with multiple accounts simultaneously, creating and planning content for each from one convenient platform.

Optimization of Content Publication: Postmypost allows configuring scheduled posting of content, which is particularly useful when posts or stories need to be published at specific times, but you cannot be physically available. Using mobile proxies, you can publish content even in regions where you have no physical presence, expanding the geographical reach of your content.


The integration of Postmypost with mobile proxies can significantly enhance social media management. It allows improving security, avoiding blocks and restrictions, managing multiple accounts, and optimizing content publication. In the end, the combined use of Postmypost and mobile proxies creates a powerful tool for effective SMM project management and achieving success in social networks.

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