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Mobile proxy - partnership


  • WE DO NOT cooperate with russia
  • We are glad to cooperate with USA, Asia and European countries
  • Percentage % of payments is negotiated, depends on the country, contact us for details
  • All sales and equipment in use are shown in your account
  • Contact our support for payouts on demand today or next day

Mobile proxy passive income

We rent your equipment, and you get a percentage of the sales of specific rates

You do not need to deal with sales, advertising and customer processing. It's on us

We will setup all required software, after you'll install Windows OS

Also we can configure Mikrotik-router for you

Important to read the requirements, feel free to ask our support


  • Check sim-cards balance. Please don't make us remind you about it
  • Stable mobile network is required (speedtest ~40mbps/sec). The better speed = more farms
  • ISP Speed starting from 200mbps/sec on speedtest
  • Static IP from ISP (which will never change)
  • Always pay for your ISP. We may ask you to change your ISP if it is slow or problematic.
  • On high load, We may ask you to increase ISP speed. Please consider it, so you don't change ISP
  • Technical education from you side is not required. Our support will take care about whole setup process.
  • But advanced PC-user is welcomed
  • Your computers (servers) shouldn't be used for other tasks
  • Please read about our hold system*.

Hold system* - after the client's transaction, you can not make a payout for this amount. In case when the client unnecessarily bought a modem, or certain modem has low speed or other problems, we have the right to return the money to the client or change the modem.

Hardware requirements:
  • Modem Huawei e3372h-153, e3372h-607, with correct DHCP (ask operator)
  • USB-hub: ORICO, Sipolar, or others with external power, ~8-12W for one modem
  • Installed Windows 10 Pro/LTSC х64
  • CPU 6-gen INTEL with 4-cores (not threads) or equivalent AMD
  • Motherboard type B-standart or Z-premium (for Intel), H-economy - are bad for big amount
  • 8GB RAB frequency from 2100MHZ, with intel core i3 7-gen are enough for 40 modems
  • HDD or SSD - no difference, if it's new (WD Blue 1TB is perfect)
  • Power supply 400W or higher, please use only quality brands
  • Better server equals more modems!
  • Windows's user should be named with latin characters without symbols or spaces and WITHOUT password for login
  • For a large number of servers, you need Mikrotik as a router. RB951 for 6 (with switch) or RB3011 for 10+. These are examples of models, feel free to use other Mikrotik with same hardware or better

Mobile proxy farm example

Farm for 40 modems. Perfect for stability.

Feel free to use other hardware.

  • RAM: HyperX DDR4 8GB 2666Mhz
  • HDD: Western Digital Blue 1TB 64MB 3.5"
  • CPU: Intel Core i3-9100 3.6(4.2)GHz 6MB s1151 Box
  • GPU: Integrated
  • Box: GAMEMAX ET-212 450W
  • Power supply: 450W integrated into box

How to connect mobile farm to us?

  • Write a message to one of our contacts, preferably to our Telegram
  • Install special software for remote access (ask support)
  • Also support will give you credentials for your partner's account
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