Mobile proxies for parsing Google search results


Parsing is the mass to collect the information you need. Parsing Google rendition is an appeal through a special software to the search string. For SEO-specialists this tool is simply indispensable.  For example, you need to spar the top 20 pages by the given keywords. pages. Algorithm of action parser is always the same and it looks as follows:

  1. Search for the necessary data. A script works with the downloaded site page code. It highlights the necessary information.
  2. Data extraction. Only relevant fragments are extracted from the total amount of information.
  3. Saving the information in the form of convenient tables or by entering it into an appropriate database.
  4. Work with the received data - filtering, division by certain parameters, etc.

Gathering the necessary information from the internet is a routine and time-consuming job. That's why SEO specialists use various parsers (they can be programs, applications or online services). For example, Netpeak Checker, A-Parser, Key Collector. Parsers can, within a short Parsers can search through a huge amount of resources to find the desired information. After which, the desired array "pull" from the entire volume.

Parsing Google rendition is not only for SEO specialists, but also for Smm-specialists is a real "wand of help". Of course, actions with the help of parsers violate the established rules of certain platforms from which the data is collected. In order to blocks effectively bypass and work comfortably, proxies are actively used. Depending on what kind of data needs to be sparse data, and suitable proxy servers will be selected.

Why regular proxies are not effective against captcha Google

Tedious captcha input when parsing These are factors that, to put it mildly, do not add optimism. To minimize, or even exclude the above problems, you should purchase mobile proxies. They will allow you to to work anonymously, not to worry about bans and blocking, to be sure of reliable protection of personal data. data.

The peculiarity of such proxies is that their small number when distributed by the service provider to all existing users. This kind of addresses get into the ban very rarely. However, they get out of it incredibly quickly, thanks to the coordinated work of mobile operators.

When it comes to blocking a huge When a huge number of attempts to solve a captcha by IP address is blocked, there is no protection against robots. In this situation. ordinary proxies become the culprit. This kind of anonymizers when using the site help to hide the IP address. But, it is already established that they are not effective against Google captcha. It's probably known even the average person in this field that a permanent IP maximizes the risk of getting banned.

Take into account the fact that Google's algorithms are constantly improving, so the need to enter captchas is only part of the possible difficulties. Therefore, use mobile proxies that will get rid of these inconveniences.

Why it is more profitable to use mobile proxies compared to regular proxies

Mobile proxies, like standard proxies, perform the same function, which is to pass a stream of data from a user to a source server and return a response request. But these technologies have a few qualitative differences.

Mobile proxies (rotating, backconnect-proxy) is a technology used quite legally by mobile operators. operators. They're leveraging a colossal number of IPs. It is from them that requests from users are made to the source server while they are when they're using their gadgets to go online. The target servers can't block these addresses, even if they get a huge from them. It becomes clear that the high level of load from the 1st IP is related to the natural behavior of users and not spam maneuvers of a particular client. As a result, with mobile proxies. restrictions are relaxed as much as possible. Mobile proxies allow efficient captcha bypassing. offers to set up automatic IP change via API on the site online. The procedure attracts by its simplicity and efficiency. For those who have who have a need to automatically change IP, this option is simply invaluable in its functionality. When difficulties in the process of changing IP proxy online, you can always contact experienced professionals, who are guaranteed to answer any questions you may have.


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