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Facebook is a platform that is used in many countries. It is especially popular in Ukraine. Facebook has its own massive audience – intelligent, reading, ready to buy quality goods and order various services. However, this is not the limit. Facebook also helps to access advertising in other countries. This is constantly used by arbitrageurs to earn money from affiliate programs.

Perhaps it's not surprising that for many, their day starts with logging into Facebook. Therefore, many users use this platform to promote their products or services. In simpler terms, Facebook is an excellent platform for making money. The key here is effective and smart promotion. It may involve the use of special programs, which unfortunately, Facebook successfully blocks. In such situations, proxy servers come to the rescue.

How Proxies Help with Facebook

Proxies for Facebook allow you to use multiple accounts anonymously on the social network. At the same time, the risk of being blocked is absent. This is invaluable for working with the Russian-speaking and other segments. Facebook is a multilingual social network worldwide. In addition, there are over 25 million Russian-speaking users. The use of proxies is invaluable for marketers and specialists involved in traffic arbitrage.

Proxies are used for anonymous and secure work on the social network. As known, SMM specialists constantly resort to bots, as well as software and services that automate the process of information collection. Moreover, proxies are needed for promoting an account on Facebook, as well as building a base of followers.

To work in multi-account mode, many use special programs that allow mass messaging on the presented social network. To fully utilize all possibilities, private proxies are needed for each account separately. This is due to the fact that Facebook's attitude toward such actions is very strict.

Proxies can be paid or free. If you want to truly protect yourself when using Facebook, of course, you should use paid proxies. Using free options, you are guaranteed to encounter problems such as:

  1. Low speed.
  2. Blocking based on an IP address that was previously used for working on Facebook.
  3. There is a high likelihood of honeypots. This means hackers can intercept traffic. As a result, personal data can be easily compromised.
  4. A multitude of people using the same proxies.
  5. Existence of a large number of so-called "broken" proxies.
  6. There's a high probability of ending up with a blocked Facebook account, not achieving the intended goal, and losing personal data.

Private (individual) proxies are divided into two types: mobile and server proxies. The main advantage of using mobile proxies is dynamic IP addresses. Major platforms cannot block IP addresses belonging to mobile operators. However, server proxies have static addresses, making IP-based blocking possible.

Facebook proxies automate work and manage conversations with hundreds of interlocutors from a single dialog box. By using reliable software that is difficult for hackers to breach, you can automate constant event and meeting invitation mailouts, friend requests.

If you want to independently promote communities in a way that Facebook's administration won't block access to the social network, use proxies. Then you can be fully confident that no attacks and blocks will pass through. You can comfortably promote the sale of your own goods, provision of services, and more. Additionally, you have the opportunity to promote other pages on Facebook.

Advantages of Using Mobile Proxies Compared to Regular Proxies

As mentioned before, mobile proxies have numerous advantages compared to regular ones. Among them:

  • Longer functioning time compared to server proxies.
  • Blocking is practically impossible since the IP address is dynamic. Therefore, Facebook cannot simply block a pool of IP addresses.
  • Suspicious activity cannot be detected since ordinary users' IP addresses are used.
  • Dynamic mobile proxies comprise thousands of IP addresses that are very difficult to block.

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