Customized proxies for Selenium


Selenium – is a set of tools for automated testing of web applications. It allows automate actions in a web browser, simulating user interaction with web pages. It's open The software supports many programming languages including Java, C#, Python and Ruby, making it accessible to a wide range of specialists.

Selenium Features

  • Cross-browser testing. Selenium supports all major browsers, allowing test web applications in various environments.
  • Language flexibility. With support for various programming languages, Selenium provides flexibility in choosing tools and approaches to automation.
  • Compatible with various OS. Selenium runs on major operating systems including Windows, Mac OS and Linux, universalizing the testing process.
  • Integration with CI/CD tools. Selenium integrates easily with continuum systems integrations and deployments such as Jenkins, making it an ideal tool for modern agile teams development processes.

Selenium automates repetitive testing tasks, freeing up developers' time for more complex tasks. Plus ensures the stability of web applications by automatically checking functionality after every change in code. It also checks how the web application displays and functions on different devices and screen resolutions.

Selenium Components

  1. Selenium WebDriver. The main component for managing the browser. WebDriver provides a programming interface to create and run test scripts.
  2. Selenium Grid. Allows you to run tests simultaneously on different machines and browsers, significantly speeding up testing process.
  3. Selenium IDE. A browser plugin that allows you to record and play back tests, providing convenient interface for fast automation.

Where can you download Selenium for work

The most reliable and recommended way to download Selenium is to visit the official website. Here you will find not only the latest versions of Selenium WebDriver and Selenium Grid, but also extensive documentation to help you get started work.

Go to the official Selenium website. Select the required Selenium component, be it Selenium WebDriver or Selenium Grid. Follow the instructions to download and install.

If you prefer to use package management systems such as NPM or NuGet, Selenium is also available through these channels. This is especially useful if you work in Node.js or .NET. For Node.js use the command: `npm install selenium-webdriver`. For .NET, you can find Selenium WebDriver in the NuGet Gallery. Technically more advanced users may prefer to download Selenium directly from the source code. This can be done via Selenium GitHub repository.

Mobile proxies for Selenium

Mobile proxies — these are tools that allow you to redirect and modify Internet traffic. In the context of Selenium they open up new possibilities for testing web applications, simulating various network conditions, geolocations and other important parameters.

  1. Simulation of various network conditions. Mobile proxies allow you to test web applications in conditions of limited bandwidth, high latency and other network restrictions.
  2. Testing geolocation functions. Using a proxy to change geolocation helps Make sure that the location-based functions of the applications work correctly.
  3. Bypassing geographic restrictions. Mobile proxies allow you to test websites and Applications that are restricted in certain regions.

Integrating a mobile proxy into the testing process with Selenium requires setting up a proxy server and its correct interaction with WebDriver. This allows you to create more complex and realistic test scenarios, increasing quality and testing reliability.

Benefits of using mobile proxies with Selenium

  • Improved user experience testing. Allows you to evaluate how a web application performs themselves in different network and geographical conditions.
  • Fine debugging and analysis. Mobile proxies provide detailed traffic information that simplifies the process of debugging and identifying problems.
  • Improving testing reliability. Testing in a variety of network conditions helps detect potential problems that may arise for end users.

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