Customized proxies for TestComplete


TestComplete is a powerful and flexible test automation solution that supports a wide range of test types. testing, including functional, regression and UI testing. This tool provides developers and Testers can create, manage and run tests for desktop, mobile and web applications.

TestComplete functionality

  1. Supports multiple platforms. TestComplete allows you to test applications designed for various operating systems including Windows, iOS and Android.
  2. Flexibility in choosing script languages. Supports multiple scripting languages such as JavaScript, Python, VBScript, and others, giving users freedom of choice.
  3. Intuitive interface. Graphical user interface makes creation, Editing and running tests is accessible even to non-programmers.
  4. Integration with other tools. TestComplete easily integrates with other popular tools and systems including Jenkins, Jira, Git, and many others.

Where can you download TestComplete for work

TestComplete, developed by SmartBear, is one of the leading tools in the world of test automation. This powerful tool offers extensive capabilities for automating desktop, web and mobile testing. applications. The most recommended place to download TestComplete is the official SmartBear website.

Here you will find the latest and most stable version of the software and can also access Extensive documentation and support resources. Go to the official TestComplete website. Explore the available options downloads, including trial and full versions of the program.

TestComplete Benefits

  1. Increasing testing productivity. Automating tests with TestComplete significantly reduces testing time and increases its efficiency.
  2. Improving the quality of applications. Thorough testing using TestComplete helps detect and correct errors in the early stages of development.
  3. Flexibility and scalability. The ability to adapt to different testing requirements makes its suitable for both small and large projects.

TestComplete is used in various industries for test automation, from financial and insurance applications to entertainment and educational programs. Its flexibility and power make it an excellent choice for companies seeking to improve the quality and reliability of their software products.

Mobile Proxies for TestComplete

TestComplete from SmartBear has already proven its effectiveness as one of the leading automation tools testing. However, when it comes to testing mobile applications, TestComplete's capabilities can be significantly expand using mobile proxy.

Mobile proxies are servers that act as an intermediary between mobile device and the Internet. They are used for a variety of purposes including traffic monitoring, testing performance, security, and to simulate network conditions in different geographic regions.

Integrating mobile proxies with TestComplete opens up new possibilities for testers. With their help you can accurately simulate the operation of a mobile application in different network conditions, which is especially important for global applications sensitive to changes in network quality.

Benefits of using mobile proxies with TestComplete

  1. Testing in different network conditions. Checking application performance under conditions varying network throughput and latency.
  2. Geographic testing. Simulation of application operation in different geographical locations for checking localization and geo-dependent functions.
  3. Traffic debugging and monitoring. Analyze data traffic between application and server to identify potential vulnerabilities and errors.

To work with mobile proxy in TestComplete, you need to configure the proxy server so that it redirects traffic from mobile device or emulator. Once the proxy is configured, TestComplete will be able to record and playback test scenarios, taking into account changes in network conditions.


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